Everyone should have in place a Will. This gives you peace of mind that your estate will pass as you wish. It makes the administration easier for your friends and family. Clarke Mairs would be delighted to assist you to put in place a Will that is right for you. We will listen carefully to your wishes and discuss your options.


  • Without a Will your spouse or civil partner may not inherit the whole of your estate. This could result in financial hardship for your spouse or civil partner. If there are surviving children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, your spouse or civil partner will only inherit your personal property and belongings, the first £250,000 and half of the remaining estate.
  • Common law partners cannot inherit unless provided for in your Will.
  • If you marry your existing Will is automatically revoked.
  • If you are separated or in the process of getting divorced, you should consider updating your Will to prevent your partner inheriting your assets.
  • If you don’t appoint a guardian in your Will, the court will decide who looks after any of your children. The chosen friend, relative or state-appointed guardian may not be your preferred choice.
  • A well written Will can help you save inheritance tax. It can prevent, for example, the loss of valuable business property relief, agricultural property relief and the residential nil rate band.
  • Not all assets you hold pass under your Will. We can advise which ones do and which ones don’t.

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