Mobile Communications Technology has seen a rapid growth and continues to develop. With it have come opportunities as well as uncertainties for landlords and land owners concerning the use of their land and buildings to hold and support masts, fibre optic cables or base stations.

As mobile technology and its markets grow, so does the area of the law. However the law is still new and the need for specialist legal advice is pronounced.

We have the knowledge and experience to offer crystal clear advice and a comprehensive service including auditing and licencing negotiations. Through our experience we have built up a network of reputable valuers and surveyors who specialise in this area and would be delighted to recommend them to you.

Our work includes:

  • Information and advice regarding telecoms
  • Property portfolio auditing
  • Planning
  • Lease and licence negotiations and drafting
  • Site sharing
  • Renewal or termination of contract
  • Removal of all operators from site
  • Recovery of unpaid rent
  • Advice and guidance on the various impacts of accommodating telecoms hardware on your land or buildings

We make it our business to remain up to date on government thinking, the debate surrounding the environmental and health implications of the growing telecommunications industry and the reach and impact of the Communications Act. As this cutting edge industry grows there are clearly financial benefits to be had if you are in a position to participate. However it is a decision that could affect your land and property now and in the future and it is essential that you receive clear advice from experts in this field.

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