Private Client legal work means meeting your personal legal needs including:

  • Writing your Will
  • Advising on Inheritance Tax
  • Administration of affairs after someone has died (Probate)
  • Challenges to Estates and Wills
  • Care Home Fees planning and advice
  • Court of Protection applications
  • Living Wills
  • Trusts to be created during lifetime and upon death
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney for Property and Financial Affairs and Personal Welfare

Too many people die without making a Will, leaving the law to decide who deals with administering their Estate and who inherits it. The outcome may not be what you expect or what you want.

If you write a Will you can ensure that the people you want to benefit from your assets actually do so. If you have young children you can appoint Guardians who will look after them until they reach the age of 18. If you have a family member with learning difficulties you can create a trust which will ensure that they get the financial support and protection they need even after your death.

Expert professional advice allows you to consider positive tax planning. Current inheritance tax limits mean that the first £325,000 of an Estate is tax free and any amount above this is taxed at 40%. Good planning can minimise the amount of inheritance tax to be paid.

Due to the ever changing economic and political climate it is important that you get both expert and up to date advice.

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) helps you plan for events during your lifetime. Who will look after you affairs if you have a serious accident or lose capacity? An LPA allows you to choose a person you trust and gives them authority to manage your property and finances either whilst you are recovering or longer term. A Health and Welfare LPA allows you to appoint someone of your choice to make decisions about your long term care and welfare.

At Clarke Mairs we want to ensure that all your private client needs are met. We aim to be your private client solicitor for life. We want to build a long term relationship with you and ensure that you get the expert advice you need for yourself and your whole family.

To discuss any of these areas in more depth please contact Rachel Swinburne on 0191 245 4831 or

‘A dementia-friendly community is a city, town or village where people with dementia are understood, respected and supported and confident they can contribute to community life.’


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